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It Takes a Community

This project will support the design of a place-based, peer-driven family violence capacity building and leadership development program within the Central Highlands, focused on women and men from refugee and immigrant backgrounds.
The main objectives of the project are:
1) Prevention of family violence through peer education for women and men, including community and faith-based leaders.
2) Strengthen family and community capacity to prevent family violence through the delivery of culturally appropriate parenting programs.
3) Build leadership capabilities in women and men to enable them to champion change within their own communities and spheres of influence
This pilot project is being offered this year for the first time with a focus in men from CALD communities. The project has sessions that are specifically focused on men. The project is working with community youth leaders and men in Ballarat to set up strong community based activities engaging CALD men. This project is usually delivered face-to-face but currently engaging with program participants online.


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